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  • Zhou Weiping, dean of Chongqing Research Institute of Chemical Industry, visited Conier with his colleague for investigation and communication
  • Release Time:2019-10-09

    On July 8, Zhou Weiping(dean of Chongqing Chemical Industry Research Institute) and Dr. Li Qiang, has visited Conier with his colleague for investigation and communication. Mr. Zhou carefully inquired about the current situation of Conier, and also learned about the current market situation of drug research and development enterprises in China and abroad. We discussed in depth the improvement and innovation of the cooperation mode between Chemical Industry Research Institute and Conier. Mr. Zhou expects both parties to play their respective strengths in the future cooperation and to embark on a road of rapid development, mutual benefit and win-win.


    Background information: At the end of 2014, Conier signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Chongqing Chemical Industry Research Institute. Conier will rely on the broad platform of Chongqing Chemical Industry Research Institute and Chongqing Chemical Medical Research Institute where the Chemical Industry Research Institute to do more research and larger production cooperation.


    Chongqing Chemical Industry Research Institute, established in 1958, is located in Chongqing Liangjiang New District and is now affiliated to Chongqing Chemical Medical Holdings (Group) Company. In the field of fine chemicals, it conducts research and development in the direction of food and feed additives, pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediates, surfactants, water treatment agents, rubber and plastic additives, adhesives, fluorocarbon resin monomers and daily chemical raw materials.

    In recent years, Chongqing Chemical Industry Research Institute has undertaken nearly 30 national and provincial (city) high-tech product research and development, technological innovation projects and torch plans. The Institute now employs 350 people, including 158 senior and intermediate engineering and technical personnel, 15 professor-level senior engineers, and 11 government-subsidized experts. It has set Chongqing Natural Gas Chemical Engineering Technology Research Center, Chongqing Chemical Industry Technology Center, Chongqing Science and Technology Achievement Transformation Center, National (Grade A) Safety Evaluation Center, Clean Production Audit Service Center, Chongqing Chemical Pesticide Testing and Inspection Station, and Analytical Testing Center, intelligence information center and complete chemical intermediate test equipment and public works.

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